gizzi erskine
Gizzi Erskine tells Bonheur Living about her fascination with witchcraft, how she's the most immature person you'll ever meet and that she's definitely a hedonist.

With her perfectly coiffed beehive, immaculate eyeliner and elaborate back tattoo – Gizzi Erskine is the epitomy of rock ‘n’ roll cool.

Having studied at Leith’s Cookery School, Gizzi made her name presenting Channel 4’s Cook Yourself Thin, before going on to present Cookery School and Drop Down Menu, as well as being a contributor to countless other shows.

Not content with just presenting, Gizzi has launched a number of business ventures including co-owning the Love Cafe in Margate and founding Giz’n’Green pizza kits with good friend Professor Green.

If that wasn’t keeping her busy enough she also co-hosts podcast Sex, Lies and DM Slides (we’re hoping a new season starts soon) in which she discusses sex and love in the age of social media with celebrity guests. And, oh yeah, she’s written 7 books.

What is your go-to happy song?
Cripes. That’s hard. I love music so much. Almost as much as food, so asking this is a bit like asking me what my favourite dish is…? (That’s not coming is it…?). I’m a punk at heart and the Buzzcocks are one of my favourite bands. I love a song they do called “Orgasm addict”. It’s got one of the best bits of art work as an album cover too. It reminds me of being a lairy young punk and having a big one!

What outfit makes you look back and laugh at it being so bad/ridiculous?

Oh lord. So many. I used to go to a club in Electrowerkz called “the Slimelight” in my mum’s underwear, a black vampire cape and huge black Terry de Havilland platform boots or black 5 inch sole buffalo trainers. I looked ludicrous. Not even cool subculture. Just mental.

What age do you feel like?

I’m 42. I sometimes feel 100, but mostly I’m a lucky sod and look very young and can’t quite believe I’m as old as I am, as I’m undoubtedly the most immature person you will ever meet. I guess I feel about 30. God knows how. Many years of seriously bad living. I guess no kids, giving up fags young and still living a fun life keeps the wrinkles at bay. Age is such a weird thing.

What’s your favourite food memory?
I just love getting a boat and going to find tiny, very authentic beach hut restaurants when I’m away. I always have the best meals there; drunk with icy beer further afield, or pale rose in Europe.

What do you like about yourself?
My heart. It’s pure and loves deep. It’s also what is abused the most.

What is your favourite vice?
Haha. I’m a hedonist. I have too many, and too few legal things to say here.

You’ve stumbled on a teleportation device – where do you go?
I’m fascinated by the occult, magick, witchcraft, the Kabbalah, science and metaphysics so there’s a lot of scope. Maybe the turn of the last century Bohemia in Paris, where a lot of the scientists, artists, philosophers and big thinkers all met and put the world’s big quandary’s into a room and took them apart with abstract and futurist thinking. All while drinking red wine and absinthe and eating delicious French food. I would cook. I would eat. I would wine. And I would listen and learn.

What’s the best decision you’ve made in your life?
Cor. That’s hard too. I know going to catering school changed my life, but I also can’t discredit my successes coming from being confident with a strong sense of self and the source. Being able to tune into that is the most valuable thing I’ve ever done. I wish I could teach it to people.

You are running late to meet your best friend at a bar. What drink do they have waiting for you when you arrive?
A Gibson (a gin martini with tiny pickled onions) made with Tanqueray or Plymouth gin.

What does happiness mean to you?
A full life, where I get to travel and seeing my family as much as I can. I think deep down I believe it means sharing my life with someone who can handle me, but I know I need to ditch that ideal.

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