wine wednesday
A wine recommendation under £10 every Wednesday – except the last of the month which is a payday splurge. This week we're saving the sea, one sip at a time.

A wine recommendation under £10 every Wednesday – except the last of the month which is a payday splurge.

No matter how many times I do a lap around the sun, my excitement for the first signs of spring blinds me to the actuality of the British weather.

Each year I get caught out and each year I promise not to be so foolhardy in my readiness to proclaim joyfully ‘spring has arrived’.

Every time, damn it!

Well, my friends. Spring has not arrived. We are, as you can see from the list, in fool’s spring – and I am that fool.

Despite still having some way to go till actual spring, I believe that in anticipation it’s only right to crack out a bottle of rosé.

Think of it, if you will – as a modern day summoning ritual; sending spring vibes out to the universe.

Coral Ethical Rosé RRP £9.99

Available at Abel & Cole,, Bin Two Padstow (and will be listed on Ocado in April)

This wine is actually made with a grape variety more synonymous with Rioja than rosé, called Tempranillo, but is so delicious that maybe winemakers need to start rethinking their strategies!

Positively bursting with watermelon, strawberry and peach flavours, it also has a hint of pick’n’mix foam shrimps (which are my absolute favourite) – but don’t let that kid you into thinking it’s sweet – it’s not, it’s completely dry.

And, as we are ladies that like to try and do something good while enjoying ourselves – you’ll be happy to know that this wine has some serious green credentials.

Made in a carbon neutral winery with the energy used coming from renewable sources, it is also packaged in eco-friendly materials, as the paper is from forests with sustainable certifications, and the bottle itself is ultra lightweight (400g).

Bottle weights are a true bugbear of mine, as the production of heavy glass bottles (550g and above) and their transportation, is the single biggest factor in the wine industry’s carbon emissions. I actually started a petition about it if you’d like to know more and sign.

Going back to this bottle, and 10% of the profits of each purchase goes into helping to restore and conserve the coral ecosystems – which, pub quiz fact of the week, make up 25% of marine biodiversity.

So sit back, sip up and help save the sea at the same time – I’ll cheers to that.

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