girls just wanna have a good time, and also do some good
I was 11 when a phrase was uttered that made me question my sexuality, but ultimately it has become the foundation in which I grow as a woman.

‘Eurgh, do you fancy girls?’ – is the response I got from, what I now think of, as my first feminist act.

I’d not long started secondary school and was taking part in that most sacred rite of passage – ‘illegally’ decorating the inside of my desk.

As was the rage at the time, a variety of band sticker packs were floating about. The ones that cost your parents a fortune, with the ultimate aim of completing the overpriced ‘magazine’ which in reality was just a load of blank pages.

On this particular day, the pickings weren’t necessarily to my taste, with only S Club 7 and 5ive on offer.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against these bands and have spent many a happy hour trying to perfect that S Club jump – the one where you try to spell out an ‘S’ with your pointing finger, while 1ft in the air and trying to look camera ready.

And out of the all boy bands, I would probably say that 5ive were my favourite.

I’m obviously not 11 here, but the impact of the Spice Girls (and Mel B in particular) was so great on me that I wore a leopard print dress to my school leaving ball

They just weren’t my true love. They weren’t the Spice Girls – but that is a post for another day.

Back to the day in question, and all the girls in my class (which was everyone as I went to an all-girls school) were fawning over the stickers of the men.

For some reason I was never party to that teenage lust over pop stars or actors – I’m looking at you Chad Micheal Murray and Josh Hartnett, and was always more excited to proclaim ‘Girl Power’ at anyone that would listen.

Facing the dilemma of who to chose to adorn my desk was therefore a seemingly simple decision. Any one of the girls available – I plumped for Rachel.

Now, as I’d gotten in quite early for the sticker selection, one of my fellow classmates must have thought it weird that given the choice I would go for woman over a man, and as such uttered the phrase that had me questioning my sexuality and that stuck with me for more that 2 decades.

I honestly didn’t know how to respond, and I didn’t.

Was it that abnormal to not want to idolise a man, and place a female “role model” on your desk instead? Was I infact a lesbian?

Now, in adulthood, and having become more confident of who I am and what I stand for, I feel proud of that moment.

And while stickers no longer adorn my desk, strong women do adorn my bookshelves and podcast lists.

It is one of the reasons I started this blog.

Yes, it contains fluffy, fun content – but I always try and write it in a way that we can all connect too, learn from and laugh about.

Then there are the interviews; a really important and necessary section for me to include. These inspirational women, who are leaders in their field, giving us a glimpse into their lives, thoughts and feelings in an authentic way.

Deeper than that though, I want to grow this into a community of engaged, like-minded, positive women. Women who like to have good times, but also try and do good things.

Self in the city – if you will. Full of cocktails and friends but instead of chasing men, we are chasing self-awareness, confidence and equality. (Ok, and sometimes men or women or anything in-between because we don’t judge here).

A wiser person than me once said (and I paraphrase here) – that in order to for us all to be truly happy, we must all be equal. And so, I am truly honoured and proud to share on this International Women’s Day, that I am an UN Women UK delegate and shall be taking part in the 66th Commission on the Status of Women – the UNs largest annual gathering on gender equality and women’s empowerment.

So tonight I raise a glass and say ‘Happy Women’s Day to you all and here is to a better future.’

The UN theme of International Women’s Day this year is ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’.

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