Making us all want to pack in the city and go live our best country life is Paula Sutton – founder of Hill House Vintage.

Previously, Paula was the literal embodiment of ’London life’; working as press officer for Elite – in the days of the original Supermodels, before becoming a model agent and then Bookings Editor at Elle – producing all of the fashion, beauty and cover shoots for eight years.

Feeling burned out and wanting a slower pace of life for herself and family, she upped sticks and moved to Norfolk, buying a gorgeous 19th-century Georgian mini manor.

Initially creating Hill House Vintage to document her finds and new life, it has now become the place for country interiors, gardens, frocks and flowers – as well as making us all ogle in amazement at how fabulous she looks while weeding.

What is your go-to happy song? 

Anything by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong!

What outfit makes you look back and laugh at it being so bad/ridiculous?

 I used to wear all black in the 80’s – no colour at all.  I thought that I was being extremely chic, but now with my love of colour, I can’t imagine only wearing black – including tights, and shoes.

What age do you feel like? 

My body definitely feels like it’s actual age of fifty-two, but my mind swings happily between 30 – 80!

What’s your favourite food memory?  

The most divine stilton and mushroom soup at a restaurant in Henley on Thames over twenty years ago.  It sounds simple, but it was literally melted cheese with cream and whole mushrooms with a drop or two of port and it was delicious! 

What do you like about yourself?

I like that I always see things through a lens of positivity.

What is your favourite vice?

I’m not sure whether it’s a vice or not, but I have a very sweet tooth.  It crept up on me in my forties and I have enjoyed my love of cake and Haribo sweets ever since.

You’ve stumbled on a teleportation device – where do you go?

Back in time to hug my Mum.

What’s the best decision you’ve made in your life?

To move to the Norfolk countryside.

You are running late to meet your best friend at a bar. What drink do they have waiting for you when you arrive?

 A Margueritta or a glass of champagne – depending on whether we will end up dancing or gossiping! 

What does happiness mean to you?

Being surrounded by the comfort of familiarity and the love of friends and family.

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