A week and one day ago (I’m cheating a little but forgive me), I hosted my inaugural Halloween party at my (now, not so new) house.

I’ve always loved Halloween, not necessarily for the scary side of it although I do love thriller/horror/suspense films, but because it’s a ‘holiday’ you can celebrate any way you want.

Heidi went as a worm this year. Credit HeidiKlum Instagram

Don’t really care and just want to sit at home and watch films – all good, want to spend weeks prepping your fancy dress outfit – then me and you will be best friends!

I appreciate the love of fancy dress isn’t a sentiment everyone holds, so I merely *strongly encouraged* it when sending out invites. Thankfully though I have a partner and friends that are happy to indulge me and while topping up drinks and trying to play hostess-with-the-mostess, I caught myself thinking how wonderful is this – having people that will go along with your strange little ways.

My outfit this year was Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version) and as ever I tried to source everything I could from charity shops. Soon I will have a whole section of the wardrobe dedicated to fancy dress, although it still pales in comparison to the Queen of Scream – Heidi Klum.


This week I received a few gorgeous bunches of flowers, and wanting to make them last longer than just a week decided to dry them. A few minutes on YouTube later and now they hanging up in my loft.

They need a couple of weeks to dry completely, and a few of the roses have turned a little brown, but I’m hopeful I’ll get one bunch worth at least.


Like everyone I have approximately 23,761 photos on my phone. After complaining to myself, more than once, about how sad it is that no one has physical photos anymore and how moments will just fade into the ether, I decided to take action.

A few days later a little package landed in my hallway and I was briefly flung back to being a child and actually looking forward to getting mail. Now it’s all bills and boring stuff, but I might just start posting things to make it more fun – I’m thinking postcards next.

I used SnapFish and here is a link to their discount page if you fancy printing off some photos as well. This isn’t part of affiliation scheme, I just think it’s nice to share some money off codes!

Let me know in the comments what made you happy this week?

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