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Serious face for a serious task – researching drinks

Wine Wednesday will always be close to my heart, and glass, but occasionally girls just wanna have something else.

Thirsty Thursday will be an occasional interloper where you will find anything that has tickled my taste-buds. From premixed cocktails to cbd infused drinks to kombucha and everything in-between.

Right now I am loving aperitivo, but with the weather being so hot it’s nice to have a nolo alternative. I mean we spend enough time and money on our 36 step skincare routine to then go and dehydrate ourselves over-indulging on booze.

(I’ve actually just switched mine up and have even made my own rosewater face mist, but I digress).

An infusion of spices, woods, roots and herbs, Crodino is a sparkling, bittersweet, orange-scented delight.

If you love Aperol (and quite frankly who doesn’t?) then this needs to be on your radar, plus it’s currently on offer at Sainsbury’s. Shop

Simply pour into a wine glass over ice, garnish with a slice of orange and sip while your face mask is getting to work for a guilt-free Thursday night treat.

If you want more drinks inspo, then head to our instagram page where we post cocktail reels every Friday evening.

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