walking into monday
Scrolling the 'gram, it can sometimes feel like I'm the only one not walking into Monday like a girl boss/bad bitch/Beyonce.

Scrolling the ‘gram, it can sometimes feel like I’m the only one not walking into Monday like a girl boss/bad bitch/Beyonce.

I’ve never understood those of us with that ‘get up and go’ attitude. Just like Garfield I am no fan of Mondays – and also very much like lasagna.

My dislike for the beginning of the week does not stem from my dislike for my job. In fact, I’m extremely lucky to genuinely love what I do. It’s more a case of just really enjoying my weekends, and bed.

Working from home, most Mondays (and the rest of the week for that matter), actually consists of me walking mainly from office to fridge and back again.

I do occasionally get to venture out though and last week, while on my way to quite a professional event, I walked past a rickshaw blasting out the lyrics ‘I like the way you do that right thurr’.

Without missing a beat, every atom in my body immediately channeled Naomi Campbell and I started stomping down the street and swinging my hips in perfect alignment to the song; exhilarating!

I dare you to listen to it right now and not feel the urge to strut.

It’s not like I’m a particular fan of Chingy, I actually had to google the lyrics to remind myself who sang it, but there are some tunes that will, forever, instantly change my mood.

Others include; Tipsy by J-Kwon – which makes me feel 17 again, and Ridin’ by Chamillionaire – that has me feeling like I’m the main character in a film where I’m being chased by the LAPD, rather than driving through the 20mph speed-limited streets of suburban London.

So, my fellow Garfields, I propose we spread a new Monday meme! One that unites us all in joy, rather than making us feel lazy.

Let start ‘walking down the high-street like…’

Credit Katarina Rolovic-Vukcevic

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