wine wednesday -wine for easter eggs
A wine recommendation under £10 every Wednesday – except the last of the month which is a payday splurge. This week it's a sweet treat.

A wine recommendation under £10 every Wednesday – except the last of the month which is a payday splurge

With Easter happening on Sunday, it makes sense that today’s Wine Wednesday would be about which wine to pair with your Easter Egg.

Pairing wines with chocolate can be quite tricky because the golden rule of matching to sweet foods, is that the wine should be sweeter. This is because the sweetness makes everything else seem more bitter in comparison.

There are of course the usual suspects when it comes to sweet wines such as Port or Sherry, but in the spirit of adventure (because that’s what Bonheur Living is all about) I’m going to suggest something slightly different.

Malamado – Fortifed Malbec £9 (50cl) Shop

In my role as a wine expert, I consistently hear cries from the industry questioning how to get more people interested in fortified wines. I mean to be honest, the category name doesn’t do it any favours – ‘Do you fancy a little glass of fortified wine?’ hardly rolls off the tongue does it.

But this Malamado, I think has the potential to be at the forefront of the revolution – after all gin made a roaring comeback after being famously referred to as Mother’s Ruin.

Fabulously uncomplicated, unlike the seemingly endless subcategories of Port and Sherry that makes you feel like you have to have a degree to understand them, this does what it says on the tin (or bottle).

A wine made from Malbec grapes, which everyone knows, that is fortified – making it stronger, and in this case sweeter.

Rich and concentrated with black fruit flavours, hints of dried figs and raisins, a touch of spice.

This will be great with your chocolate eggs and even better with your cheese ones. (Yes, cheese Easter Eggs are a thing and we are completely here for it!)

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