A wine recommendation under £10 every Wednesday – except the last of the month which is a payday splurge.

My first job working in the wine industry was for the biggest chain of wine shops in the country.

As with any new job I picked up phrases and tidbits from my co-workers, which in the case of this niche knowledge based, consumer-facing role meant that I could come across with more authority (and ultimately sell more booze!)

One of my favourite facts was about Kate Moss.

(On a separate note to the focus of this article, my store actually delivered wine to her and my colleague has a great Christmas anecdote about her.)

Anyways, back to this.

I was told, and subsequently it has been quoted elsewhere, that one of Kate Moss’s go to drinks was Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut. This is because Ultra Brut refers to the fact that it has zero dosage i.e no additional sugar has been added to the wine. Due to this a glass of LP Ultra Brut is only 65 calorie and therefore a way for supermodels to drink without ruining their diet.

Now, here at Bonheur Living we aren’t about that calorie counting life, but if you are looking for a healthier option then switching out to and Ultra Brut sparkling wine is probably one of the funnest ways you can do so!

As you might expect from Kate Moss the Laurent Perrier doesn’t come cheap (£55) but this week’s recommendation is for those of us with slightly tighter budgets, without skimping on quality.

Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2016 Shop is less than half of what it would cost you for the LP (rrp £22.50) and made exactly the same way as its Champagne cousin.

Produced in South Africa, where the traditional method of making sparkling wine is called Cap Classique, the warmer climate actually makes this one of the easiest-to-drink Ultra Brut’s I’ve had.

That’s because the sunshine ripens the grapes to their fullest, meaning they are packed with flavour and therefore the wine can hold itself without the need of added sugar.

So, go forth, enjoy and live your best supermodel life.

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