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A wine recommendation under £10 every Wednesday – except the last of the month which is a payday splurge. This week it's something slightly unexpected

A wine recommendation under £10 every Wednesday – except the last of the month which is a payday splurge

This week, I learnt 2022 sees Jonathon the tortoise celebrating his 190th birthday – making him the oldest tortoise ever and oldest living land animal.

As I looked at his photos, I couldn’t help but think about what type of personality he would have and how he would look, if he was a human.


I decided that he would be quite a grumpy old man, which I don’t blame him for. I’m roughly a 1/6th of his age and have a face like thunder if I get woken up early.

I think he would wear a dark grey flat cap, and despite living on the tropical island of St Helena – would still go about in trousers and a shirt.

Once I was content with knowing what he would look like, I began to think how odd anthropomorphism actually is – and acknowledged that I actually do it quite a lot.

Often when I taste a wine I give it a personality.

Pinot Noir, which originates from Burgundy in France is, to me, a very serious grape. Stiff on the dancefloor, not really that much fun and annoying in that ‘conceited they think they know better way’.

Just beneath Burgundy is the Beaujolais region, which is famous for producing red wines with Gamay. These wines are like your little cousin; fun, lighthearted and sometimes a bit silly – but they’re young so you let them off.

The winemakers of Beaujolais have a word which they use when their Gamay is Pinot Noir esque – when its more brooding, serious and structured.

But perhaps rather tellingly the Burgundians, or indeed any region/country producing Pinot Noir, don’t have a word for the opposite way around – and till this week I too would never have thought there would be a need for one.

Giant Steps Yarra Valley Pinot Noir £21.75 Buy

From the cool climate of Victoria, Australia (yes, some parts of Australia do actually cold!) this wine is exactly whatever the non-existent word for ‘Pinot Noir which is like Beaujolais’ is.

Expressive bright red cherry, strawberry and blueberry on the nose with a hint of toasted marshmallow. The palate is soft, light and juicy with a sprinkle of baking spices on the finish.

This wine is playful, youthful, vibrant and fun – and who doesn’t want someone like that hanging around?

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[Bottle weight 600g – on the heavier side of avg, please do better Giant Steps!] – why does this matter?